Sales & Technical Service

Pre- and post-sale support—a Hentzen tradition.

For personal, professional support, no organization does it better than Hentzen Coatings. There’s a certain pride our associates take in understanding customer needs and resolving them quickly. Whether a product, pricing, special order, delivery or technical request, we’ll put you in touch with the right person—right from the start.

Customer Service and Sales

We prefer not to sell you a coating until our resourceful experts have a chance to work with you, one-on-one. After taking an in-depth look at substrate requirements, pretreatment and formulation considerations, we formulate the perfect coating for you.

Field Advisors

Our on-site engineering and application specialists help develop and improve your product with respect to color, environment and application equipment requirements, as well as mixing procedures.

Technical Support

Behind the scenes, the Hentzen office team works to simplify order processing, reorder, and compliance paperwork. If you ever have a special need or a problem to resolve, we’ll make it right.

Custom Engineering Expertise

Our research and development professionals and technical application specialists will formulate the perfect chemistry in solvent-based and water-borne paints, or specialized powder coatings.