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wood coatings.

Steinway Model B Classic Grand

Wood Coatings

The pros at Hentzen Coatings understand the unique characteristics of wood. It goes beyond engineered solutions that merely protect, but also enhance the beauty of wood as never before. For every wood coating need, we have a solution. From classic wood wiping stains and glazes to sophisticated UV-curable sealers and topcoats.


Taylor V-Class guitars
Louisville Slugger MLB Prime Pro baseball bats
PRS electric guitar custom finish
DW Private Reserve Exotic Bubinga kit
Steinway Model D Concert Grand
Aircraft wood-finished interior
PRS electric guitar finishing process

Formulated for any application process.

Whether you’re finishing flooring, architectural panels or other flat substrates with roller coaters, reverse fill machines and reciprocating sprayers or robotically spraying and curing three-dimensional parts with UV curing ovens, Hentzen Coatings has it covered. Our onsite coating application and UV-curing equipment aid in formula and process development.

Liquid Coatings

Specially engineered to highlight the natural beauty of all types of wood and available in a wide variety of chemistries to fit nearly any application, including flooring, aircraft and yacht interiors, musical instruments, sporting and recreational equipment.


ZenWood™ industrial wood coatings include sealers, topcoats, varnishes, glazes, stains, dyes, lacquers and UV-curable coatings to enhance and protect wood. ZenWood™ coatings can be formulated to match unique coating properties such as impact resistance and moisture resistance resulting in unmatched durability along with desirable aesthetics. ZenWood™ Aerospace coatings meet the unique demand of general aviation as well as OSU requirement for flame retardancy. Specialty insulators and wood fillers are also available.

Typical Applications: Wood flooring, furniture, musical instruments, boating and marine interiors, aircraft interiors.

Leverage Hentzen's on-site technical expertise

Leverage on-site technical expertise.

We want to know your business. Outstanding technical and field support ensure smart and timely coating solutions. We work with you to understand key considerations for the engineering and formulating processes such as substrate type, pretreatment, performance expectations, color and application. This comprehensive approach makes it possible to respond to requests that keep you production processes moving.