Clear protection or colorful identification.

Metal conduit box

Tube & Pipe Coatings

Hentzen designs corrosion inhibiting coatings for metal tube and pipe exterior surfaces. With instant curing and corrosion protection, we help ensure pipelines are resistant to chemicals and harsh environmental conditions. We also offer a full range of vibrant colors, and custom and color-matching capabilities for instant identification of individual Electrical Metallic Tubing (EMT) tubes and pipes for emergency, power, healthcare, datacom, electrical systems and other solutions. Our coatings are fit for a wide variety of tube and pipe dimensions, and can be applied using various techniques such as spray, dip or brush.


Galvanized steel pipe
Pipe cut for construction
Galvanized steel electrical pipe
Galvanized steel fence post
Coated black fence
Colored electrical metallic tubing
Tapco metal tubing

Formulated for industrial strength applications.

We engineer coatings that protect against corrosion and help maintain physical properties after extended outdoor use. Our clear coats have unmatched adhesion properties and prevent rust by evenly sealing exterior steel and aluminum substrates used in tubes and pipes. Vibrant EMT colors are also available for easy identification and long lasting protection.

Liquid Coatings

Hentzen’s custom water and solvent-based coatings for ERW seam welded tubes are formulated for electrical conduit and structural steel tubing. Our coatings excel at protecting Galvanized or bare steel exterior and interior surfaces. Zen-Tube™ coatings are designed to be applied via spray, vacuum box or flood and wipe. Almost instant dry properties for in-the-mill or off-line coating application.

Zen-Tube™ OD Coatings

Zen-Tube™ water based OD coatings are low VOC acrylic coatings designed to be mill and offline applied. Both clear and pigmented coatings exhibit very good corrosion protection, UV resistance, excellent film formation and extremely fast dry with minimal heat. Zen-Tube™ OD coatings protect galvanized surfaces from white rusting in the field or in storage and are acceptable primer bases for polyester TGIC powder coating applied to tubular fence framework.

Typical Applications: Tube and pipe coatings for emergency, power, healthcare, datacom, electrical systems and other solutions.

Lower VOCs contribute to healthier air

Focused on the environment.

Hentzen developed environmentally friendly coatings long before the words sustainability, green or even environment were in vogue. We lead the industry in developing low-solvent content coatings; coatings free from hazardous air pollutants and organic pigments that replaced heavy metal types, and coatings that reduce Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC) emissions.