Style and durability to enhance every office.

Mayline IronWorks desk

Office Furniture & Equipment Coatings

Today’s modern workplace is a second home, and that means every detail is appreciated, from styles and colors to fabrics and finishes. Trust Hentzen coatings to be ready to handle the daily workload. Our functional, beautiful and durable coatings are available in virtually any color and clear coats. With outstanding scratch and mar resistance and easy-clean properties, we help give every workspace lasting style.


Mayline TechWorks bench room set
Invincible Furniture Vista modular room set
Invincible Furniture Contemporary Plus gray desk
Safco dual monitor stand
Safco Rumba training table
Invincible Furniture coated metal red cabinets

Formulated in decorative colors with smooth or textured finishes.

Choose from our trendy stock colors or work with our color formulation specialists to create a custom color all your own. Whether you are finishing an elaborate workstation or a simple shelving unit, our clear coats, smooth or textured finishes, will enhance the overall appearance of your office furniture or fixture.

Powder Coatings

Hentzen is a leader in powder coating technologies, formulating solutions matched to performance and market-driven specifications. Quality starts with custom engineering by chemists and technical specialists who pursue solutions to corrosion, weatherability, aesthetics and durability.

Dura-Zen™ Hybrid

Dura-Zen™ Hybrid topcoats are blended from epoxy and polyester resins to produce films that are an economical alternative to standard epoxy and polyester coatings. Hybrid coatings share many characteristics with standard epoxy-based powder coatings, but include improved resistance to over-bake yellowing during cure, somewhat softer films and slightly improved weatherability. Offering good chemical resistance properties, good corrosion resistance properties and limited UV exposure properties. Hybrid coatings primarily function as decorative interior coatings and are not considered suitable for exterior applications, even though their deterioration and discoloration when exposed to sunlight is slower than pure epoxies.

Typical Applications: Agriculture and construction equipment, office furniture, shelving, general metal finishing, hot water heaters, power tools, fire extinguishers and oil filters.

Powder coating particle size management

Powder coatings—unsurpassed quality and performance.

Quality starts with Particle Size Management, an art perfected by our chemists and engineers. Monitored with laser technology to ensure quality control and uniformity, Particle Size Management ensures the powder coating will distribute evenly under your manufacturing conditions. With a new 120,000 sq. ft. facility dedicated to powder production, our team continues to stay on the forefront of emerging coating technologies.