Coating surfaces for smooth operation.

Mahle Power Cell Unit

Low Friction Coatings

Pistons, gaskets, valves, ball bearings, fasteners, saw blades, garden tools and other industrial applications require low friction and non-stick properties to improve performance and service life. Facing operating environments that require resistance to heat and chemicals, our low friction solutions provide superior chemical, heat and abrasion resistance to give critical surfaces added protection against excessive wear while maintaining high performance.


2.5 inch ball valve
Coated ball valve
Piston compressor
Mahle Aluminum piston head
Coated piston
Coated metal piece
Large capacity air compressor

Formulated for wear resistance in extreme operating environments.

Providing both low friction and high corrosion resistance, Hentzen Coatings are designed to address the unique functional requirements of engine components, compressors, pumps and other mechanical-related surfaces. With almost a century of experience and knowledge, our low friction coatings can be formulated specifically for your substrate, demanding environment, or specialty application.

Liquid Coatings

Hentzen’s low friction, non-stick coatings are specially engineered to withstand extreme chemical, heat and abrasion for prolonged periods. Liquid coatings are available in a full range of custom low gloss colors.


Lubri-Zen™ coatings are low-friction, non-stick liquid coatings to protect various ferrous and non-ferrous substrates subjected to prolonged periods of heat, abrasion or chemical corrosion. Lubri-Zen™ coatings–designed for metallic materials such as steel, aluminum, titanium, or magnesium–deliver excellent wear and corrosion resistance.

Worldwide Coating Solutions Low Friction PTFE

Hentzen developed a patented no-mix, low-friction PTFE distributed exclusively through Worldwide Coatings Solutions, an oil and gas distributor in Houston, TX, designed to maximize time, energy and labor as an ultra-performance coating to the global market.

Hentzen specialty coatings

Specialty coatings that solve unique challenges.

Whether you need a soft touch, high temperature, low friction, or custom coating specially manufactured to your application, we’re ready to deliver. Working with clients to solve unique situations sets us apart—and has led to product innovations such as our patented Star Resistant (SR) Wrinkle powder coating, among other industry firsts. Challenge Hentzen to help you develop the coating you’ve always imagined. We’ll create the perfect solution for your performance requirements.