Engine coatings that can take the heat for the long haul.

Cummins 6.7L diesel truck engine

Engine Coatings

To go from ambient temperature to 200°F in a matter of minutes requires a coating that can handle the heat. Hentzen leads the engine coatings market with products that perform in extreme conditions. Custom engineered coatings for engines, components and housings improve reliability, protect against corrosion and enhance appearances. To protect steel, aluminum, fiberglass and ceramic surfaces, start with Hentzen coatings.


Cummins QSK95
Mercury Marine Verado 300HP engine
Cummins X15 engine
Mercury Marine 6.7L diesel engine
Donaldson Blue filter
Cummins QSK95
Briggs & Stratton Professional series push mower engine

Formulated to your performance needs.

Whether you need a coating to reduce friction, radiate heat, shed oil or insulate parts to help them run cooler and last longer, we’ll engineer the perfect solution for your application. Our liquid coatings are tailored to your aesthetic needs and high-tech engine specifications.

Liquid Coatings

Hentzen is a leader in liquid coating technologies, formulating solutions matched to performance and market-driven specifications. Quality starts with custom engineering by chemists and technical specialists who pursue solutions to corrosion, weatherability, aesthetics and durability.

Aqua Ura-Zen™ DTM (Direct to metal)

Aqua Ura-Zen™ DTM is a one component air dry, water-borne, direct-to-metal polyurethane coating that is designed for general metal finishing applications. Its low VOC and HAPS-free formulas feature fast dry, good exterior durability and direct application to clean ferrous metals.

Typical Applications: Engines and components.

M1A1 Abrams tank in battle environment

Proven for extreme environments.

We engineer coatings to meet demanding durability requirements. As the industry leader in the development of the CARC system, our defense coatings are tested and approved for use by the U.S. Army Research Laboratory to be utilized by virtually every major weapons system. Your product likely won’t have to stand up to chemical warfare, but it’s nice to know it’s that tough.