Protection starts from the inside out.

Coated underside of pail lid

Drum & Pail Coatings

Our interior surface coatings for metal drums and pails protects the valuable product you put inside. Whether applied to new metal, recycled metal or reconditioned metal containers, our product lines coat container bodies, ends, rings, plugs and side stream stripes reliably. From food-grade ingredients to hazardous industrial chemicals, Hentzen protects the containers that carry them safely to market.


Viscous liquid filling a coated drum
Interior of a coated metal drum
Coated drum opening
Paint-filled pails

Organic coatings formulated for chemical resistance.

The pros at Hentzen work to understand your unique product specifications to design container coatings with the required durability and chemical resistance. We formulate coatings with your application process in mind, including solutions that cure at high or low temperatures. Our Sterilkote® container linings are FDA approvable.

Liquid Coatings

Sterilkote® container linings offer the broadest range of chemical resistance available from organic coatings. Each product class described below is defined by its film-forming chemical composition, color of cured film, resistance and performance properties. All Hentzen linings are manufactured with materials listed in the Federal Register Title 21, Subpart 175.300 resinous and polymeric coatings for food contact. As such when properly applied and cured, they are FDA approvable.

Sterilkote® 12 — Clear Gold Phenolic Lining

This hi-bake phenolic lining series exhibits excellent acid and solvent resistance, but provides limited impact resistance and is not recommended with alkaline products.

Sterilkote® 15 — Brown Phenolic Lining

This generally has the same resin base, chemical resistance and performance as Sterilkote® 12 linings. Like the clear version, these products provide excellent acid and solvent resistance.

Sterilkote® 15M — Brown Modified Phenolic Lining

By incorporating epoxy resin into the base phenolic system, this series provides flexibility and impact resistance not available in pure phenolic coatings. This modification makes them more alkaline resistant than straight phenolics, but with somewhat lower resistance to strong acids and solvents.

Sterilkote® 46 — Buff Epoxy Phenolic Lining

This series offers highly flexible epoxy linings modified with phenolic resin to provide a broad range of chemical resistance. These linings show excellent resistance to detergents, mild solvents, alkaline products and esters.

Sterilkote® 48 — Olive Green Phenolic Lining

This Series is comparable in performance to both Sterilkote® 12 and 15, but has pigments that are initially gray and turn olive drab when baked.

Sterilkote® 71 — Clear Gold Epoxy Phenolic

This series is based on the same composition as Sterilkote® 46, but clear gold in color.

Sterilkote® 300 — Brown or Buff Epoxy Phenolic

These linings are low-temperature cured. They will normally cure to full performance in 5–6 minutes at 400°F, although commercially they are often cured at 350–375°F for adequate performance. In many applications, Sterilkote® 300 linings have a high degree of MEK resistance at lower temperatures and were designed to resist a broad range of chemicals.

Note: though similar in composition (epoxy phenolic blends) to our Sterilkote® 46 and 15M linings, Sterilkote® 300 linings may not always be interchangeable with their high-bake counterpart.

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Best-in-class is taken serious at Hentzen Coatings. Chemists, formulation and technical specialists perform innovative research in cutting-edge laboratories, and are committed to manufacturing coatings that meet exacting AS9100 quality standards. Our formulation and research facilities enable innovation while offering accelerated and destructive laboratory testing capabilities.