Our non-stick and decorative coatings are a recipe for success.

Nordic Ware cake pan

Bakeware & Cookware Coatings

Whether targeting stringent performance requirements to withstand demanding kitchen applications or designing a color pallet to enhance your products’ appearance, Hentzen Coatings will customize the perfect solution for non-stick interior and decorative exterior coatings. Considerations such as substrate type, pretreatment, performance expectations, color and application method factor into our engineering and formulating process.


Nordic Ware Bundtlette cake pan
Nordic Ware Bundtlette cake pan
Nordic Ware dog treat pan
Nordic Ware smiley face pan
Nordic Ware Bundt cake pan
Nordic Ware Bundt cake pan
Nordic Ware donut pan
Nordic Ware donut pan inside

Formulated with highly functional properties.

Environmentally-friendly formulations are coupled with outstanding release and easy clean properties as well as superior abrasion and scratch resistance to deliver the most sustainable cookware and bakeware coating solutions in the industry. Let us help make sure you have everything covered in the kitchen.

Liquid Coatings

Hentzen’s decorative exterior coatings are specially engineered to enhance the appearance of cookware and bakeware while outperforming tough industry standards. Available in a full range of colors from custom to color-matching. Whether you are finishing the interior or exterior of your product using spray, roll-on or curtain methods, we have solutions that work with your processes.

Chroma-Zen™ Decorative Exterior Coating

Chroma-Zen™ one- and two-coat systems are available in virtually any color and performance requirement. Hentzen’s rapid response coatings deliver industry leading scratch and mar resistance while providing superior easy-clean properties. Partner with Hentzen on an environmentally-friendly formulation to enhance appearance or outperform tough industry standards. Application methods include spray, roller and curtain.

Typical Applications: Bakeware and cookware exteriors.

Aqua-Zen Brilliance™ Decorative Exterior Coating

Water-based coatings formulated to provide brilliant color to exterior surfaces of aluminum bakeware and cookware. Available in solid and mica colors and can be topcoated with a clear coat to enhance overall appearance.

Typical Applications: Aluminum bakeware and cookware exteriors.

Opulence™ Decorative Exterior Coating

Release coatings designed to provide brilliant color and superior release properties to interior or exterior surfaces of metal bakeware and cookware. Designed for use at elevated temperatures, abrasion resistant, HAPS-free and available in solid and mica colors.

Typical Applications: Metal bakeware and cookware exteriors.

Endura-Zen™ Non-Stick Interior Coating

The complete line of Endura-Zen™ non-stick solutions are available in one-, two- and three-coat systems, and reinforced with the highest-quality materials to optimize performance attributes. Endura-Zen™ is a non-stick coating manufactured without the use of PFOA. This environmentally-friendly formulation is coupled with superior abrasion and scratch resistance as well as outstanding release properties to deliver the most sustainable non-stick coating solutions in the industry. Application methods include spray, roller and curtain.

Typical Applications: Bakeware and cookware interiors.

Wide variety of color formulations

Formulating the exact color you need.

Creating custom color formulations and designing colors is trusted to our state-of-the-art database as well as the trained eyes of our experienced formulating and chemistry team. The Hentzen Pros quickly and accurately match virtually any color from the sample you provide. Or, engage our technical specialists to work with your R&D and marketing departments to develop distinctive color formulations.