MIL-PRF-85285F Defense Topcoat Aircraft Application

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MIL-PRF-85285F — Zenthane® Plus, MMS 420

Coating: Polyurethane, High Solids, 3.5 VOC – Type I Aircraft Application – High Performance.

Color Number
Hentzen Product No.Hentzen Description
Component A

Type I, Polyurethane, High Solids, 2.8 VOC, Aircraft Application

1113631111RPX-T1Red Gloss
1219731134NPX-T1Orange Gloss
1353831102YPX-T1Yellow Gloss
1608131113APX-T1Gray Gloss
1644031112APX-T1Gray Gloss
1703831104KPX-T1Black Gloss
1787531136WPX-T1White Gloss
White Gloss
2405231106GPX-T1Green Semi-Gloss
2617331192APX-T1Gray Semi-Gloss
2630731115APX-T1Gray Semi-Gloss
2787531118WPX-T1White Semi-Gloss
Light Gray Low-Luster
3703831105KPXBlack Low-Luster
3523731138APXGray Low-Luster
3611831148APXGray Low-Luster
3617631142APXGray Low-Luster
3623131139APXGray Low-Luster
3625131141APXGray Low-Luster
3632031140APXGray Low-Luster

Type II, Polyurethane, High Solids, 2.8 VOC, Ground Support

1113632211RPX-T2Red Gloss
1219732234NPX-T2Orange Gloss
1353832202YPX-T2Yellow Gloss
1608132213APX-T2Gray Gloss
1644032212APX-T2Gray Gloss
1703832204KPX-T2Black Gloss
1787532236WPX-T2White Gloss
1792532201WPX-T2White Gloss
2405232206GPX-T2Green Semi-Gloss
2617332292APX-T2Gray Semi-Gloss
2630732215APX-T2Gray Semi-Gloss
2787532218WPX-T2White Semi-Gloss
3637532221APX-T2Light Gray Low-Luster
3703832205KPX-T2Black Low-Luster
3523732238APX-T2Gray Low-Luster
3617632242APX-T2Gray Low-Luster
3623132239APX-T2Gray Low-Luster
3625132241APX-T2Gray Low-Luster
3632032240APX-T2Gray Low-Luster

Type IV, Advanced Polymer Coating (APC), High Solids, 3.5 VOC

1792535504WPXGloss White
1647335506APXGloss Gray
3627035514APXFlat Gray
3637535500APXFlat Gray
3611835501APXFlat Gray
3617335515APXFlat Gray
3703835508KPXFlat Black
Color Number
Hentzen Product No.Size
2623135564APX1 Gallon kit
2792535633WPX1 Gallon kit
3611835624APX1 Gallon kit
3617035630APX1 Gallon kit
3625135639APX1 Gallon kit
3627035631APX1 Gallon kit
3632035632APX1 Gallon kit
3637535620APX1 Gallon kit
3703835599KPX1 Gallon kit