powder coating mil-prf-32348 on turret

Hentzen is a leader in defense coating technologies, formulating solutions matched to performance and market-driven specifications. Quality starts with custom engineering by chemists and technical specialists who pursue solutions to corrosion, weatherability, aesthetics and durability.
Hentzen Coatings was the first to be approved for the MIL-PRF-32348 Specification. Hentzen Coatings continues to offer best in class application and protection for defense requirements.


Powder Coating, Camouflage CARC Systems.

Color Number
Color Desc.Hentzen Product No.QPL No.

Type I, Class I Powder Primer


Type II, Class I Powder Primer / Interior Top Coat

27038SG BlackP20003KEEQ2071
17925Gloss WhiteP90277WEEQ1882
24533Seafoam GreenP20108GEEQ1881

Type III, Class I Powder CARC Top Coat

33446686A TanP8609TUZ-V7Q2140
34094383 GreenP8605GUZ-V2Q2234
37030383 BlackP8610KUZ-V2Q2257