MIL-DTL-53022F Corrosion Inhibiting Epoxy Primer

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Primer, Epoxy Coating, Corrosion Inhibiting, Lead & Chromate Free. Type II and III superseded by Type IV. Effective 12/1/2019, Department of Defense.

ColorDesc.Hentzen Product No.SizeQPL No.

Type IV, Class L - MIL-DTL-53022

Mixing Ratio 4:1 by Volume with Component B22170CEH
High Solids, Enhanced Corrosion Performance, Lead & Chromate Free, HAPS-Free Formulation,
Maximum VOC Content of 340 Grams/Liter

Off-WhiteEpoxy Primer22167WEP1.25 Gal.
5 Gal.
Off-WhiteEpoxy Primer22168WEP1.25 Gal.
5 Gal.
Off-WhiteEpoxy Primer22169WEP1.25 Gal.
5 Gal.

Type IV, Class U - MIL-DTL-53022

Mixing Ratio 4:1 by Volume with Component B22170CEH

Off-WhiteEpoxy Primer22167WEP-LVOC1.25 Gal.
5 Gal.

Type V - MIL-DTL-53022

Off-WhiteEpoxy Primer AerosolA22167WEP-AERO400 mL AerosolQ2285
Off-WhiteEpoxy Primer Touch-Up22167WEP-TU22 oz Touch-upQ2284