Market driven. Customer focused. Quality unsurpassed.

Exceeding customer expectations by continuous improvement efforts is what sets Hentzen Coatings, Inc. apart. Focused on the aerospace, defense and general industrial markets, our mission is to provide highly-engineered solutions for ever-changing demands. To do this, we are always investing in long-term pursuits to remain on the forefront of emerging coating technologies.

Coatings that protect more than just your product.

OEMs and manufacturers trust Hentzen with more than their products; they trust us with the reputation of their brands. Because what customers see first, on any product, is a beautiful finish. And that’s key to a positive first impression.

Fast, flexible service from engineering to delivery.

From engineering to application to after-sale support, our strength is the ability to address all aspects of our customers’ businesses: made to order solutions, convenient base coatings and tinting components that reduce costs and inventory requirements. Just in time stock programs that keep your line running. Our nimble approach ensures critical deliveries can be made faster.

Perfectly formulated for your applications.

We’re dedicated to providing a coating that’s matched perfectly to your application. Our research and development professionals and technical specialists get to know how you apply the coating, your specific process and the expectations of your customers.

Unsurpassed quality and durability.

Our chemists, formulation and technical specialists are committed to manufacturing Hentzen coatings to meet exacting AS9100 quality standards. We won’t stop until we accommodate your aesthetic and weatherability needs, from custom chemistry and colors to unique application and durability requirements.

A commitment to sustainable solutions.

Today, Hentzen continues to lead the industry in the development of environmentally friendly coatings that reduce Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC) emissions. Our manufacturing facilities are equipped with modern processing systems designed to protect the environment.

Chemist working in coatings laboratory
Powder coating
Abrasion test