Military Aircraft Topcoats

For nearly 80 years, Hentzen has been providing innovative coatings to protect virtually all major weapon systems. Our best-in-class military aircraft topcoats are no exception. From Chemical Agent Resistant Coatings (CARC) with infrared reflectance, to camouflage and decontamination properties for Army rotorcraft to USAF B-1 bombers, Hentzen military aircraft topcoats protect air assets worldwide.
Bell AH-1 Cobra and UH-1 Iroquois helicopters
Blue Angels' F/A-18E

Our topcoats are formulated for easy application and ultra-fast dry time. And if you don’t see the topcoat you need here, our professionals will custom manufacture a liquid or powder coating to fit your unique requirements.

MIL-PRF-53039—Type IV

1.0 VOC VOHAPS-Free Zenthane®, Silica Free, Polymeric Bead Flattened
Single Component Aliphatic Polyurethane Coating, Chemical Agent Resistant (CARC)

Color Number
Color Desc.Hentzen Product No.SizeQPL No.
34031Aircraft Green08625GUZ-ULVOC1 Gal.
36231Aircraft Gray08624AUZ-ULVOC1 Gal.Q1807
37031Int. Aircraft
17991KUZ-ULVOC1 Gal.Q1812
37038Aircraft Black08628KUZ-ULVOC1 Gal.Q1813
31136Aircraft Red04909RUA-ULVOC1 Gal.Q1992
33538Aircraft Yellow04098YUZ-ULVOC1 Gal.Q1993
37875Aircraft White08620WUA-ULVOC1 Gal.Q1872
36300Aircraft Gray17944AUZ-ULVOC1 Gal.Q2281

MIL-PRF-53039—Type IX

Maximum 3.5 VOC VOHAP-Free, Polymeric Bead Flattened

Color Number
Color Desc.Hentzen Product No.SizeQPL No.
31136Aircraft Red04909RUA-B331 Gal.
33538Aircraft Yellow04098YUZ-B331 Gal.
34031Aircraft Green08625GUZ-B331 Gal.Q1842
36231INT AC Gray08624AUZ-B331 Gal.
37038Aircraft Black08628KUZ-B331 Gal.Q1843

MIL-PRF-64159—Type II

Coating, 1.8 VOC, Water Dispersible Aliphatic Polyurethane, Chemical Agent Resistant

Color Number
Color Desc.Hentzen Product No.SizeQPL No.

Type II – Polymeric Bead Flattened

Mixing Ratio 2:1 by Volume with Component B, 07170CMU

34031Aircraft Green16931GWU/
3 Gal.
15 Gal.
37038Aircraft Black17101KWA/
3 Gal.
15 Gal.
37875Aircraft White07121WWU3 Gal.
15 Gal.

MIL-PRF-85285—Zenthane® Plus, MMS 420

Coating: Polyurethane, High Solids, 3.5 VOC – Type I
Aircraft Application – High Performance

Color Number
Color Desc.Hentzen Product No.Size

Gloss Zenthane® Plus

12197Orange04628NUX-31 Gal. kit
24052Green04662AUX-31 Gal. kit
16440Light Gray04644AUX-31 Gal. kit
16473Gray04665AUX-31 Gal. kit
16515Gray04658AUX-31 Gal. kit
17038Black04680KUX-31 Gal. kit
17875Off-White04678WUX-31 Gal. kit
17925White04636WUX-31 Gal. kit
11136Red04626RUX-31 Quart kit
13538Orange-Yellow04629YUX-31 Quart kit
15044Insignia Blue04618BUX-31 Quart kit

MIL-PRF-85285—Type I

Aerosol Touch-up, Polyurethane, High Solids

Color Number
Hentzen Product No.Hentzen Description
Component A
11136A31111RPX-SCRed Gloss
13538A31102YPX-SCYellow Gloss
16440A31112APX-SCGray Gloss
16473A31143APX-SCGray Gloss
16515A31195APX-SCGray Gloss
17038A31104KPX-SCBlack Gloss
17925A4708WPX-SCWhite Gloss
33446A31119TPX-SCTan Low-Luster
34088A31130GPX-SCGreen Low-Luster
34092A31309GPX-SCGreen Low-Luster
35237A31138APX-SCGray Low-Luster
36118A31148APX-SCGray Low-Luster
36173A31126APX-SCGray Low-Luster
36176A31142APX-SCGray Low-Luster
36231A31139APX-SCGray Low-Luster
36270A31156APX-SCGray Low-Luster
36320A31140APX-SCGray Low-Luster
36375A4712APX-SCGray Low-Luster
37038A31105KPX-SCBlack Low-Luster

MIL-PRF-85285—Type I

Coating: Polyurethane, High Solids, 2.8 VOC, Aircraft Application

Color Number
Hentzen Product No.Hentzen Description
Component A

Type I, Polyurethane, High Solids, 2.8 VOC, Aircraft Application

1113631111RPX-T1Red Gloss
1219731134NPX-T1Orange Gloss
1353831102YPX-T1Yellow Gloss
1608131113APX-T1Gray Gloss
1644031112APX-T1Gray Gloss
1703831104KPX-T1Black Gloss
1787531136WPX-T1White Gloss
White Gloss
2405231106GPX-T1Green Semi-Gloss
2617331192APX-T1Gray Semi-Gloss
2630731115APX-T1Gray Semi-Gloss
2787531118WPX-T1White Semi-Gloss
Light Gray Low-Luster
3703831105KPXBlack Low-Luster
3523731138APXGray Low-Luster
3611831148APXGray Low-Luster
3617631142APXGray Low-Luster
3623131139APXGray Low-Luster
3625131141APXGray Low-Luster
3632031140APXGray Low-Luster

Type II, Polyurethane, High Solids, 2.8 VOC, Ground Support

1113632211RPX-T2Red Gloss
1219732234NPX-T2Orange Gloss
1353832202YPX-T2Yellow Gloss
1608132213APX-T2Gray Gloss
1644032212APX-T2Gray Gloss
1703832204KPX-T2Black Gloss
1787532236WPX-T2White Gloss
1792532201WPX-T2White Gloss
2405232206GPX-T2Green Semi-Gloss
2617332292APX-T2Gray Semi-Gloss
2630732215APX-T2Gray Semi-Gloss
2787532218WPX-T2White Semi-Gloss
3637532221APX-T2Light Gray Low-Luster
3703832205KPX-T2Black Low-Luster
3523732238APX-T2Gray Low-Luster
3617632242APX-T2Gray Low-Luster
3623132239APX-T2Gray Low-Luster
3625132241APX-T2Gray Low-Luster
3632032240APX-T2Gray Low-Luster

Type IV, Advanced Polymer Coating (APC), High Solids, 3.5 VOC

1792535504WPXGloss White
1647335506APXGloss Gray
3627035514APXFlat Gray
3637535500APXFlat Gray
3611835501APXFlat Gray
3617335515APXFlat Gray
3703835508KPXFlat Black

MIL-PRF-81352—Type I

2.8 VOC, single component Acrylic Aircraft Touchup

Color Number
Color Desc.Hentzen Product No.QPL No.
36375Gray18419ALE4123 Ser. 434200A/