Military Aircraft Thinners & Additives

Ensure a smooth and even application or remove a finish quickly and effectively with thinners and additives formulated to demanding military aircraft specifications.
Fighter jet cockpit open against sunset
Military personnel boarding V-22 Osprey

Use our solvent reducers to reach the right spraying viscosities for hot and humid weather or improve the film appearance of topcoats with epoxy or polyurethane reducers.


TypeDesc.Hentzen Product No.Certified Product
IPolyurethane and Epoxy Thinner00053SST-1Yes
IIEpoxy Thinner00212SST-1Yes
IIIAcrylic & Alkyd Thinner01175SST-1Yes
IVHAPS-Free CARC Thinner00055SSTYes

Non-VOC Reducer

Desc.Hentzen Product No.
Non-VOC Zenthane® Reducer - Summer Blend08045SSB
Non-VOC Zenthane® Reducer - Standard Blend08176SSB

Urethane Accelerators

Hentzen Product No.Desc.SpecificationSize
1172CHDUrethane Accelerator Additive1 Quart
4655CHDZenthane® Plus / Ura-Zen Accelerator Additive1 Quart