Military Aircraft Specialty Coatings

Innovation starts with experienced industry specialists who understand unique military aircraft needs. Our chemists develop custom aircraft solutions that are more than coatings, color, or chemistry. They are committed to formulating products with unsurpassed weathering, excellent chemical resistance and strive to lead in technology and manufacturing processes.
V-22 Osprey at night
Boeing AH-64 Apache helicopters

Whether you need a high temperature, non-skid walkway, compound coating for ammunition or touch-up kit, Hentzen is ready to deliver. We even provide convenient touch-up kits with pre-measured base and catalyst components to ensure precise mixing.

MIL-PRF-14105—Type II

Paint, Heat Resistant

Color Number
Color Desc.Hentzen Product No.Certified Product
30051Brown 38302379TML-HFYes
34094Green 38302359GML-HFYes
37030Flat Black02308KML-HFQ2148
33446Tan 686A02329TML-HFYes

A-A-59166—Type II, 1.8 VOC

Coating Compound, Nonslip (For Walkways) – Non-Skid Zenthane®
Type II Rough Texture (With Grit)

CARC ColorDesc.Hentzen Product No.Certified Product
37875 Aircraft WhiteNon-Skid03831WMZ-BYes
34094 Green 383Non-Skid03884GMZ-BYes
37030 BlackNon-Skid03885KMZ-BYes
33446 Tan 686ANon-Skid03973TMZ-BYes
36173 GrayNon-Skid03972AMZ-BYes


Wipe Solvent Cleaner, Class 1, Type II

Hentzen Product No.Desc.SpecificationSize
SR-40Wipe Solvent CleanerLMCO STM 32-307Gallon / Pail / Drum


Hentzen Product No.Desc.SpecificationSize
Alert SeriesReflective Coating1 Gal.

MIL-PRF-85285—Type IV, Class H

High Solids Polyurethane Anti-Chafe Coating for Aircraft

Color Number
Hentzen Product No.Size
2623135564APX1 Gallon kit
2792535633WPX1 Gallon kit
3611835624APX1 Gallon kit
3617035630APX1 Gallon kit
3625135639APX1 Gallon kit
3627035631APX1 Gallon kit
3632035632APX1 Gallon kit
3637535620APX1 Gallon kit
3703835599KPX1 Gallon kit